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Fast 8mb Connection Speed - Basic Rate of £1 per 30 mins - Discount Cards available.

Internet Discount Cards

All our discount cards work in the same way. As long as you have time left on your card, you can use it. Cards do not expire or have a use by date on them. You can bring your card in with a friend and let them use time on your card. Please do note that we do not keep track of who buys our cards so if you loose it, somebody else could find it and use the time that you have paid for. We can't take responsibility for your cards.

We have three discount cards on offer. Two are designed for adult use and a third is for under 18 year olds only.

All cards are marked with half hour or 30min sections which we mark of as computer time is used.

£5 Discount Card A total of 7 half hours or 3.5 hours total time. 1 hour Free.

£10 Discount Card A total of 16half hours or 8 hours total time. 3 hours Free.

£3 Discount Card For Under 18s Only. These cards offer a special high value discount to make it more affordable.